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Electoral Mathematics. Simple.


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History predicts the future as regards risk. This principle is the backbone of risk management.

Since our politics is as transparent as our British former masters, a handful remain alive not brainwashed. Thus, the blemish on any impossible change in our political folklore.

History has been consistent. A vaish must be Prime Minister. SAJ kept his word to Bérenger and the latter is over and done with since 2005. The former paid a stealthily painful journey till 2014. I bet my last cent, the son has learnt!

History is consistent. Miss the boat, over and out. 1976 proved it, 1982 confirmed the Vaish factor. Double guarantee, PSM of Boodhoo was needed by Bérenger! Why? He understood the mathematics of politics. A year thereafter the Vaish oligarchs, SSR leading, imploded an elected one-party state!

As Sir Gaëtan stated to me : « Indou pa vot parti, zot vot lotel gouverman ». I never forget his wise words. He remains too honest, 2014 proved it. Had SAJ not been Navinchandra Ramgoolam Vaish opponent, history would have destroyed my analysis. History remains true.

History is politically narrated by mistruths. I believe so. All political leaders alive know so! The dead ones know different, Bissoondoyal was a visionary gobbled by communalism. The PTR, CAM were communal parties. IFB is dormant as our volcanoes. Beware a sting in the future. I pray so. The foundation to a nation DIED without IFB. SAJ is one!

History led to the MSM logically winning the 2019 elections. An only Vaish with credibility led to a rural landslide. Makes sense!

And the here and now is a tragic farce of main opposition parties. How on earth this stew of has-been can be palatable?  My spike abacus says NYET.  Improbable, IMPOSSIBLE. True non members of all dictators shall stay home. That simple.

If your own shy away, how can thee hope to win?

Thus to end politics is mathematics. We have had a flash in the pan through a Mr Laurette. Duval, Bérenger were both brought to heel as history proves.

The real politics as Bérenger found out is pure communal/caste realities.

Historically, the mathematics adds up.

That simple.

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