As could be expected, there was a lot of foaming and frothing sound and fury over an ill-baked project which had no clear orientation or ambition. 

When will present leaders understand that what we need is not a recipe for uncontrolled gibberish – ‘fer ler’. A genuine electoral reform should aim at, at least, ONE long term objective. In the present conjuncture, NATION BUILDING should be our top priority.

The present order does not help to promote supra-ethnic values for it is embedded in communalism and casteism. Moreover, the sheer size of constituencies is a hindrance to the emergence of good resident local leaders and favours the national elite who are very rarely CANDIDATES of constituencies where they reside or work.

Constituencies which are either too large or too small encourage corruption. Should we not go back to the drawing board and design some 45-50 SINGLE-MEMBER constituencies for the Maritime Republic? To ensure wider representation there should be a complementary PROPORTIONAL REPRESENTATION system based on a list of 20-25 candidates prepared by party leaders whose duty, inter alia, is to ensure the adequate representation of different culture and gender sensibilities. This will make the BEST LOSER SYSTEM redundant.