It’s yet another cry of alarm, if not pain on the fast-deteriorating environment at Grand Bay. But let me immediately hasten to add that by exposing some of the horrors, weaknesses and personal feelings – I have only one aim: that of protecting the environment and not harming or destroying it. No chest-thumping to gain any political mileage!
You may remember that last Wednesday, we revealed the fraught-with-danger pathway at SUNSET BOULEVARD. It’s not only a great danger to human lives but it’s also clearly against the BEACH AUTHORITY ACT 2002 and THE PAS GÉOMÉTRIQUES ACT.
However, that did not please some people: The few who turned me into an object of ridicule reminded me of the 1900s legacy of oligarchic colonialism when members of the public were not allowed to walk on beaches facing their luxurious private bungalows. That said, it’s well worth reminding once more, that in 1981, when we deliberately destroyed some concrete barriers at Cap Malheureux beach, Sir Seewoosagur Ramgoolam, then Prime Minister, immediately passed laws to define and liberate public beaches.
Over the last 31 years, other challenges have raised their ugly heads. And that in the face of a society – that has resigned to itself and coupled with law-enforcement authorities overpowered by a dangerous and infectious mentality of “laisser-aller”, “laisser-faire”, “laisser-passer”, “laisser-pourrir” and whatnot. Which all have led to the knock-on inescapable and unstoppable damage, and pollution and destruction of the environment.
Stray dogs, potholes, dangerous pathways and garbage: real eyesores
But wait a moment, Grand Bay is but one example of the authorities’ administrative inertia. It’s just a symptom of a deeper damage caused to the environment. Telephone calls and representations all testify that the problem is the one and the same on all our public beaches.
It’s a real irony of ironies that we are advertising “Mauritius, c’est un plaisir” to attract more tourists from all the corners of the world to earn more foreign currencies. Have we offered them a clean environment, and a welcoming and smiling population? Yet another paradox: We are dreaming of a healthy nation. Have we catered for good pathways or beaches to encourage people to exercise or take a walk? And then, what about the hordes of stray dogs roaming freely on our beaches? Are they a welcome change for the tourists? And the pavements in front of the Grand Bay Police Station? Well, they represent another potential danger with potholes and uneven level surfaces.?Come what may, I sincerely hope the authorities will now wake up from their deep sleep and will stop resting on their laurels. Let them bell the cat. Can a good Samaritan from Grand Bay take up the cudgels on behalf of the inhabitants and sue the authorities? If so, the entire population will be deeply indebted. All said, I am dreaming of a pathway all round Grand Bay lagoon up to Royal Palm hotel.
And finally, let the photos speak for themselves. It’s a real pity that Minister Anil Bachoo is spending billions on maharajah, classy and showy infrastructural works whilst forgetting the most basic ones which only cost peanuts! Must I tell you the main reasons behind? No bunch of fools here! And whither the local authorities?
28/07/ 13