FLASHBACK – 2017 l First 60-0 Turns 35

Three and a half decades ago Mauritians were busy voting out every single MP in their government. This included Kher Jagatsingh, a 50-year old maverick, who had completed what he considered his biggest challenge: the reform and development of education and cultural affairs. After coming up with the idea of free education five and a half years earlier.

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The tectonic shift of the results the following day didn’t impress me that much. Because I was asking everyone calling in on voting day how they thought it would go. One deadpan answer from a trusted source gave me pause: 60-0. It sounded so real and definitive that other predictions received before and after that call kind of sounded fake.

Voters obviously did the right thing on 11 June 1982. Given their ability to understand, at that time, the progress made. They even showed wisdom in that complete sweep. And have gotten a lot more sophisticated since then.


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