I enjoyed many hours belly-laughing at one of my heroes, Peter Sellers. He became universally famous acting the part of a clumsy inspector of police. He sadly was cardiac,

died young yet left a massive footprint to his legacy. He gave me so much joy through his satire of a bumbling police force until I returned to Mauritius. People wonder why I am disenchanted with this place! Being a true soul, this police force is like watching Tosca at the opera. Grim, dark, horrid to good health.

As most of my readers repeat, we read you thus understanding takes more effort! If only Peter Sellers understood our police force record, he would realise Clouseau was competent. Might have been even eligible to the top job in the police force. I have witnessed one extremely competent CP as too many extremely subservient ones thereafter. This police force Clouseau would recognise. A

m I wrong?  Letchi season !  What a farce ! We are a tragedy as a nation. Justice, a fundamental human right is raped locally. This is my sorrow. Justice locally is unfair. Thus incompetence does start with the police force, it does not evidently end there. Farcical is tragic today. We have a corpse already incinerated. We have a question to the CMPO. Koze boss! I fear not at my age, you young Mauritians should. We have not the expertise of Inspecteur Clouseau, so let the tragedy last. Suicide no way ! Even a farce is beyond a joke!