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Letter to my daughter

PRISHEELA MOTTEE President and Founder of Raise Brave Girls Association

My dear daughter,

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Pride, bravery or beauty; you will have no choice about the name I will choose for you. I assure you that your name will be a source of inspiration. There is no need for you to feel scared because neither will there be any burden on you nor any expectations from you. I will love you and you are very much awaited. Free you will fly like a bird to undiscovered territories without any limitations.

 As your future mother, I will definitely try to attach you with the strings of my emotions using motherhood. I am sure it will turn out to be a sweet mother-daughter conflict. However, I will always feel you and I will let you unleash your potential to find your own path at your own pace. I will love you for who you will be and I am preparing for your initiation vers ton accomplissement personnel.

 You will not only be my pride but also the country’s pride. You will have a “panoplie” of opportunities and you will have the possibilities to become a pilot, mechanic, bus conductor, artist, entrepreneur, scientist and or a politician.

 Yes, a politician and not a “woman” politician. You may become our Mauritian iron lady with a well mastered written and spoken Kreol language.  You will be a leader and not a « woman leader ». A strong woman you will be at ease with yourself and gone will be the times where we have to experience backlash on women such as Alexandria Ocasio Cortez because she is a politician and a leader.

 Maybe you don’t know, as at now we have only approximately 10% women who are world leaders and in corporate sectors. The fight for a quota system and representation is still ongoing as if we are of another grade or category.

 I assure you that I will support you and no one will dare to call you by names or underestimate you because there will be no glass ceiling to break. Tu seras pour moi unique au monde.

 Brave, yes I will raise a brave girl and I promise that you will be protected against all forms of violence; rape, theft, sexual harassment, assault, domestic violence, cyber bullying or any form of discrimination.

 Teenage pregnancy is on rise and sexual education a myth. Child marriage of minors above 16 years with parental consent is a reality and the fight against it seems éphémère. Marital rape is no secret and paedophilia is mostly hidden inside le cocon familial. Children are sleeping au clair de la lune sous les tentes et les chandelles sont mortes d’amertume.

 I promise you; the feminist that I am today is fighting for your future so that everyone can recognize the equality and full humanity of women and men. I am organizing protests to strengthen laws protecting women rights, I am advocating for policy changes to protect you and I am launching campaigns and petitions to protect children against all forms of violence. This is my légende personnelle.

 How will  I let you come into a world where babies of three years old are being raped? Where you cannot stroll alone at night on our beaches? or where children’s pocket money is being stolen?

How will I let you come into a world where justice for your own rights will be delayed?

 I know time is ticking and you want to come into my world as soon as possible.  Please give me time. I am still fighting for your security, for your rights and equal opportunities.

 Beautiful you will be in this world irrespective of your size, height, weight, hair or accent. You will love yourself just the way you are and you will be a rose among thorns et le temps que je passerai avec toi, te rendra importante. I promise that I will not let you be influenced by so-called social norms of beauty.

 Kaleidoscopic windows will be opened for you and you will have the choice to enter pageant competition, become a model or influencer.

 Social media will be an integral part of your life and there will be a thin line between liberty of expression and crossing the line of indecency or annoyance.

 I will love you unconditionally during my sleepless nights, I will love you when you will experience your menstrual mood swings, your pregnancy and when you will be creating your legacy. I will be there to witness your first love and break ups. I will be there to watch you craft your career as an independent woman. I will watch you stand up when you fall and I will let you live et ta flèche laissera une trace d’espoir dans ton Coeur.

 Last but not least I will never let you become part of a “fait divers” and victim of any form violence because I love you. You will be free to live your légende as per your wish and I will always remind you to draw me a sheep.

 I will be waiting for your arrival in a Paradis for which I am fighting for you. Rest assured, tu seras initiée pour prendre ton envol.

Your future mother.

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