Many times, residents in the neighborhood within the vicinity of Malherbes and Cere streets, Curepipe, have complained to the authorities, including the Municipality of Curepipe, as to the state of the abandoned plot of land and decrepit remaining building of ex St-Helena college, but to no avail.

Two decades have passed, our ‘authorities’ still pass the buck to each other and take zero action. In the meantime, stray dogs, pests, wild plants have proliferated on that plot, bushes and messy foliage have thickened, the place is full of drug addicts, ‘sex workers’ and other shady characters everyday.

Further down the road, an abandoned building on Ritter Street, whose building started more than 6 years ago, has become a terrible eyesore and has also become a dangerous place. Why can’t the authorities do anything to put it down and relieve residents from related environmental and social hazards ? Do we want another Europa? Why do we have a Police of Environment and why do we need a Municipality if no action can be taken? Does the PM know that he is being taken for a ride with his CSU and other CAB?