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The defining moment 

Jeewan Ramlugun

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The time could not be more opportune,
for deliberation and earnest action
to go hand in hand;
and in this enlightened arena
will be revealed both
a redemptive vision, a moral schema
of a better future for earth
with the multitude of measures
far and wide, from the grass roots
to the higher reaches
of societies across the many parts
of our world.

Grounded in realism and a sound sense
of what is right,
human aspirations for the betterment
of the environment will soar, optimism
triumphing over nihilism.

In this Anthropocene era
the rabid bid for development
and progress at all costs for
short-term fulfilments must
be weighed against protecting
the safety and prosperity of posterity.

Interventions to mercilessly bring
the forces of nature under
human subjugation, must become
interventions to also heal the harm
done to her, restoring her equilibrium.

11 Feb.2019.

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