PTR follows MP and the PMSD by finally addressing their mathematical politics as regards human sufferings. Disgusting! Polo’s seat remains on the fence as always, no surprise at all. MSM shows consistency of evidence-based MEDECINE, as the World Health Organisation. Even some so-called experts have joined the bandwagon of narcissism before good health care. The issue is simple. Health before wealth would, in an ideal world, sort this satanic weapon drug misuse. Not that simple. Politics, policies, lobbies do have a financial need too. Else cigarettes, alcohol, cheap fast food would not exist. Yet, they are needed to balance the budget! Drug economies used to be associated with targeted known nations. We must add Mauritius to this list. Enough pretending all is fine. It is not in Mauritius. We can debate till pink elephants fly. Else be honest to our generations to come. Or lie to generations to come. Your choice next voting day. Mauritius is an ISLAND. No borders. Entry is from sea and air ONLY. Yet, for decades government governs, government decides! All politics included, that is the only truth. I believe nepotism, corruption IS Mauritius.

Voters are to blame. I avoid, as a medic to offer any other opinion than the WHO. I understand the politico economics of nations drifting towards money or votes! We must be very astute in our little island rife with killing illicit drugs. Why, how? SEA and AIR. So, there must be chronic failings in your voted institutional bodies. Else, how explain our illicit, black economy drug TRADE? I have evidence-based data for the cannabinol debate. Yet, I have no evidence-based data of the Good Governance of all Mauritius governments to date. Are the Border Agencies competent or accomplice? Our failure is our corrupt mindset. Shame. You bury your own, no statistics that I trust! Put aside politics, if one Mauritian believes in our border agencies and politicians, I shall with inner peace hide in SHAME.