On Thursday 23/7/20, ‘Le Mauricien’ front-paged three separate events that attracted attention because of underlying significances, each telling a different story but nevertheless having a common point, when submitted to deep analysis, to surface sooner rather than later.

First, ‘Le CCID cible des officiers de la Santé’, relating to a suspected leak of information that is fuelling fiery debates in the National Assembly, notwithstanding the repeated appeals to ‘show decorum’. What that enquiry will reveal remains to be seen. But on the principle of no ‘smoke without fire’, it is dead certain there have been leaks that have provided the Opposition with deadly ammunition as suggested by some stunned faces opposite. On this score, Civil Service Trade Union Federations have raised important points to ponder.

In these very columns, only days ago (Forum – Le Mauricien 13/7/20 – ‘Enn Reklam Sa’) -, I wrote …’while we may expect an upsurge in whistleblowing…’. If the leaks are established, it will be anybody’s guess as to the motivations that can be, as I wrote, anything like settling scores or denouncing unavowable acts, or simply a desire to ‘crack & blister’!  If some do not mend their ways, whistleblowing will continue.

Moreover, on that same front page, the following is attributed to Pravind Jugnauth during an inaugural ceremony ‘saki pou zape, les zot zape…’ Admittedly, he is absolutely right inasmuch as there is no law to caution that flood of barking on both sides of the National Assembly, or other gatherings, to stigmatize in vitriolic terms, or defend with the back to the wall, what had been undertaken during the confinement as part of the efforts to check the spread of Covid-19, that one they seem to be putting aside…! And the barking continues with the ‘mwa mo kontinie mo travay. And the more they ‘kontinie’, the deeper they become entangled in another of ‘those jobs’.

Also of interest, still on that front page, ‘Intérêt accru de l’ICAC pour…..’, one of the new ‘bhai ‘ of the majority, the famous 3 ‘Bs’, the Bald, the Bearded and the Benevolent(?)  who have of late attracted attention for showy press briefings, selected to lead the assault, while Zorro remains in the shadow, occasionally, outside the NA, firing a shot at redemption or a blank one at an elusive target, while being constantly on the defensive, often to defend awkwardly the indefensible. ‘Intérêt accru’ or showdown to convince of independence, or diversion tactic?

While around us, the situation is no brighter, where experts, who have nothing to gain to engage in dream selling, speak in sharp contrast with political rulers. For example, some American experts have expressed doubts as regard economic recovery in the foreseeable future. Same scenario in Europe where doubts likely to pour cold water on the enthusiasm provoked by the recent decision dubbed historical have been expressed. Here we do not have experts of that calibre to possibly challenge some optimistic forecasts, or the manner the new challenges are being tackled, leaving us as impassive bystanders praying that the sky does not fall on our heads.

And the ‘vilin sinema’ continues leaving one only to guess ‘what next’?