Because the Sithanen flat tax has been taking care of that. In quite a splendid manner actually. As we’ve pointed out recently the associated toohrooh has already reached  HYPERLINK « » \t « _blank » a trillion rupees. Which is equivalent to several years of GDP. Anybody who has studied up to at least Form III understands that continually growing at less than 4% — that too in depreciated rupee terms — instead of the 8% you promised will land you in very deep trouble pretty quickly.
We’ve seen our PM make a surprising visit to India before presenting his budget. The implementation rate in the public sector has slowed down. If the Metro Leger has been replaced by a watered-down version it’s not because we have so much money that we don’t know what to do with it. A special purpose vehicle has appeared and the debt ceiling will be amended. What do all these signs tell us?